Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Move

Hello readers, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your days. The Blurbs is making a move, to wordpress that is. In the next 24 hours, a new site with new content will be constructed. is down at the moment and will hopefully be up and running by tomorrow, but launched at 12:00 a.m. on Friday January 21. I'll be back for more details, but until then fasten your seat belts :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Case of the Monday's

Sitting here, staring at this screen. That's what I've been doing for the the past 3 hours, blank. Add a good meal in between and all of a sudden my mind begins wandering, searching for ways to get me over there, onto my bed. I fell for it once, but I knew that if I stayed down long enough my house would probably burn down due to this portable heater being on HI all night. It's still cold. The weather is a trip by the way. An interesting day it has been. The creativity comes and goes, so does the motivation. I've been stuck, trying to figure out a concept for a short story I am writing. I've always been into horror, tragedies, and mysteries so I won't be surprised if I stick to what I am used to. But I do like to step out of the box every once and a while. Grade A procrastinator, not proud but I own it, have accepted it, and am changing it (soon). Should have started this story a week ago, planned on it, didn't happen. Thanksgiving break was good to me. Now I pay or maybe not. My eyes are heavy and I might not make it. If I do close these eyes, they'll see 6:30 a.m. the next time they open. Oh well.

Monday's are something else (I'm sure you were wondering when this post was going to coincide w/the title). The energy was barely there, it was hard waking up this morning, what can I say? I went to sleep late, for no reason in particular. Every day that passes by, I learn something new about myself. Today I learned, Monday's aren't necessarily my strength. What I mean is, we state that Monday's are the "Beginning," "The fresh start," "The day you press the reset button." Bologna (funniest word spelled, hands down!). I've tried convincing myself, isn't happening. Trying to discipline myself to work according to the Monday's, it isn't going down, yet (have faith, that's deep huh? ha). It wasn't a bad day at all, it just lacked the amount of substance I had wished for. That means I've got to work harder, obviously. My goal is to go hard seven days a week, so I'll take one step at a time.

Distracted, all the time. Where's the focus? I'll find it and when I do, I hope it's at my earliest convenience. This would be the perfect week for it to do so. Wait, why aren't I typing my story again? Because I'm too busy blogging (something I fell off doing in the first place). Priorities, priorities. I am a mess, LMAO.

Oh yeah, the blog is coming back soon. Revamped and consistent.

Thanks for reading my randomness.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Runaway (Short Film) - Kanye West

*watch the interview(s) at the very end.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its been a while...

Hello, yes I am alive. Its been a while and to that I'd have to say 'life happened'. Wait, actually 'death happened'. A friend of mine was killed July 19th, forcing my mind into a disturbing state. I actually wrote an entry but never posted it. Even thinking about it now chokes me up. Through my eyes, life looks a bit different. Things aren't as important as they used to be. Hate crept its way into my heart, then found its way right back out, it didn't belong. Poisoned minds created havoc and killed a good friend, family. I don't take death well truthfully, so my heart still cries.

On other terms, school started last week. The best thing about this semester is my professors and the classes I am taking. Darkroom and Digital Photography is 1 out of 5, then there is; Electronic Media, Creative Writing, Interpersonal Comm, and Mass Comm and Society. I am looking forward to this semester. All I can think about is moving to that next level, I feel something good coming my way whether big or small. Imagining the possibilities.

I've got class in the morning, I should be sleep, but I couldn't resist updating. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things and update on a daily. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Editors Pick: Track Of The Week - "B.M.F."

Check out my weekly contribution to The Rise called, Editors Pick: Track Of The Week. If you are a fan of Lupe Fiasco, make sure to click the link below, download, and enjoy.

Editors Pick: Track Of The Week "B.M.F." - Lupe Fiasco

Random Thoughts...

photo by Dauché

I've obviously failed miserably trying to maintain consistency, as far as posting goes. Not only have I failed here but have failed to do so on my companies site. Therefore, you should then (as I already have) question whether my lack of consistency lacks in other areas. The answer is yes. When there is a problem, what should we do? Fix it. I've been working towards fighting this inconsistent mess, trying to find ways through loop-holes, but the answer is simple. Just do it. We (All people) have something we lack and if we would find time and sacrifice within ourselves we'd be greater that what we are now. I've learned to embrace my inner slacker, however, working towards something is never an easy route. I occasionally go on a dry spell and find myself back, writing posts such as these to self-motivate and inspire. Just think about it, who is going to want to work with someone who is inconsistence, it makes it difficult, and yes I am guilty. Here forth, hard work will pay off. Consistency will build, I will be the change I seek. Find your inner-lack and break it down. Don't get me wrong, when I am consistent I'm like a hot stove, you can't touch this. LOL

My mind is powerful, hell, our minds are powerful. Let's use them to our advantage.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"1997" - Dom Kennedy

The Topshelf Company did it again.

"Stimulus Rap" - @ILLCamille

Respect to all female MC's out here working hard, bringing substance, personality, and unique sound to this male dominated industry. Camille has been on her grind and I always appreciate seeing her name come up in my inbox. Take a listen to her freestyling ability, which will most certainly leave you wanting more. I've played this track over and over. Listen carefully as she spits bars over Freeway and Beanie Seigel's "Stimulus Package" Intro.

Download: "Stimulus Rap" - ILL Camille
follow: @ILLCamille
The Write from Left Ep scheduled for release late Fall 2010.
Once again s/o to The Skillz.Still.Appeal Collective.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Black Chukkas" - Gilbere Forte' feat. Raak

87 Dreams, coming soon.