Monday, November 29, 2010

Case of the Monday's

Sitting here, staring at this screen. That's what I've been doing for the the past 3 hours, blank. Add a good meal in between and all of a sudden my mind begins wandering, searching for ways to get me over there, onto my bed. I fell for it once, but I knew that if I stayed down long enough my house would probably burn down due to this portable heater being on HI all night. It's still cold. The weather is a trip by the way. An interesting day it has been. The creativity comes and goes, so does the motivation. I've been stuck, trying to figure out a concept for a short story I am writing. I've always been into horror, tragedies, and mysteries so I won't be surprised if I stick to what I am used to. But I do like to step out of the box every once and a while. Grade A procrastinator, not proud but I own it, have accepted it, and am changing it (soon). Should have started this story a week ago, planned on it, didn't happen. Thanksgiving break was good to me. Now I pay or maybe not. My eyes are heavy and I might not make it. If I do close these eyes, they'll see 6:30 a.m. the next time they open. Oh well.

Monday's are something else (I'm sure you were wondering when this post was going to coincide w/the title). The energy was barely there, it was hard waking up this morning, what can I say? I went to sleep late, for no reason in particular. Every day that passes by, I learn something new about myself. Today I learned, Monday's aren't necessarily my strength. What I mean is, we state that Monday's are the "Beginning," "The fresh start," "The day you press the reset button." Bologna (funniest word spelled, hands down!). I've tried convincing myself, isn't happening. Trying to discipline myself to work according to the Monday's, it isn't going down, yet (have faith, that's deep huh? ha). It wasn't a bad day at all, it just lacked the amount of substance I had wished for. That means I've got to work harder, obviously. My goal is to go hard seven days a week, so I'll take one step at a time.

Distracted, all the time. Where's the focus? I'll find it and when I do, I hope it's at my earliest convenience. This would be the perfect week for it to do so. Wait, why aren't I typing my story again? Because I'm too busy blogging (something I fell off doing in the first place). Priorities, priorities. I am a mess, LMAO.

Oh yeah, the blog is coming back soon. Revamped and consistent.

Thanks for reading my randomness.