Monday, January 5, 2009

The City episode three; "The L Word" (watch it here)

This was by request; enjoy.


Daniel Briseño, 22 said...

Completely off topic, BUT i was checking out those videos you have on the side, and DAMN! I am shocked and blown away by your spanish. The accent sounds perfecto amiga! Where in the world did you pick up your spanish though, seriously?


dauché said...

lol; well basically weird story...
when i was little i had mad mexican baby sitters (they were my moms friends) & that is all that i lived around; me & my sis. so that is where i learned a bit. however it all comes down to my mother putting my sister & i in a school called longfellow, spanish emersion. i went there from k-8. k-6 i learned everything in spanish, science, math, history, p.e. EVERYTHING... and then i had english in english of course... BUT I LOVEEEE it, i am blessed to have learned. it is very useful. THANK YOU :) i try lol; when i get goofy i can make the accent come out reaaal good. haha!