Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random Post; "everything" skit.

I remember watching this a long time ago, watched it over and over.
thought i'd share it, that's if you haven't seen it.

p.s. Rest In Peace JP (cuzzo) you've been gone for less than 24 hrs and it hurts. I'm still in shock at this very moment, can't believe your gone. did you have your seatbelt on cuzzo? I just saw you last week at your gp's funeral. Gave me a big hug, always having that mischievous look in your eye, scope'n out the next female to shark (lol). Didn't get to tell you I love you (but now you know). I called Chase & he just broke down, never heard him cry... ever.. but I know your in a better place. K & L are going to stay strong for you, I plan on it. I'll be seeing everyone from the last funeral at yours, didn't think 2009 would start off by me going to your funeral. Well JP, watch over... and may God rest your soul.



Anonymous said...

aww im sorry about your loss && i'll make sure 2 keep u && yur fam in my prayers

dauche said...

thanks mama :)