Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update 052610

photo by dauché bates

1:13 AM -- its been a while. I've peeked in a few times, but that can't be enough. Sure I've lost readers, due to the lack of posts. When you go from posting 2-3 and maybe even 5 entries a day, to maybe once a month, people loose interest. I know I would. I could sit here and rant on about how I am back, talking the talk, but the question is, will I walk the walk? My intentions are good. I've posted a poem in my previous entry, something off the dome and in the moment. Hope you enjoyed that and even if you didn't, it felt good to get those thoughts and frustrations off.

Finals are over, I am my now in my third day of freedom (being that its one in the morning). That is until fall hits me like a sock full of broken bricks in August, but let me not ruin the moment. You see, school this semester was a roller coaster, yet I proved myself (to myself). I applied myself, that always seems to help. Next semester, the plan is to work smarter not harder, and although I speak of this freedom, I can't wait to prove to myself once again, at an even greater capacity. Accomplishments and goals are calling.

This obviously has turned into a random entry, however, if you know me, have read my blog, or tweets, you'd already know that. The summer has begun and I have yet to get rid of the 'I'll sleep in the whole week after schools out' syndrome. As amped as my mind has been, to get out, explore, documents, breath, and enjoy the little things. My body has been telling me "Sit your ass down and relax for a minute". So in act to rebel, I took on a 16+ mile bike ride monday night with the good people over at 5&A Dime. It was my first time on a bike in (thinking hard)... Ok, I can't tell you when the last time was, but I will tell you this... I hurt. Best thing is, I didn't give up, thanks to the 5D family. I've never rode a bike that far in my life, it won't be the last. I'll definitely need to invest in some epsom salt.

Lately, my brains been on this power trip. I am eager to learn, listen, and act. That is good thing of course. I've been putting different things into perspective, I can tell I am getting wiser. Pat's self on the back, wait! HOLD IT! but 'I've learned enough to know that I don't know shit.' (you've heard that somewhere I'm sure and very true).

Sitting down tomorrow with myself, writing down both short term and long term goals. Although they may not place according to my plan, I just hope they all get accomplished. That is all I asked, patiently.

Busy day ahead, plus I like sleep.
i"ll be back tomorrow.
technically, in a few hours.