Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writer: Rebecca Anibueze

Numbers don't lie -- and if you were to log on to Rebecca's site you'd be included in the 250K views that she's received and still is receiving. I've never meet (well not physically) someone who's had such a drive and passion for what she does, she's real nice at it too. Former contributor to AwkWORDsilence, an online outlet that offers urban news and culture, intellectual discussions, promotion, and tons of exclusives, including Rebecca's recent interview with Diggy Simmons (read: here). Wait, that is not the only site that she contributes to, she is a featured writer and AZ representative for Rich & Rude Lifestyle Group, a brand that I am a part of as well. She's got such talent and honestly, it would be better if you'd go see and read for yourself. Keep shinning !

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Miss Dimplez said...

awww... i feel super special and i'm feeling the love. i appreciate you so much! thanks girlie!