Sunday, February 14, 2010

Artist: Jerry Manning

Artists/Producer Jerry Manning (C.B. Tv) is dropping his current project "Endless Waltz LP" (art work here) on the 19th of this month and I am looking forward to it. Earlier today, Jerry and I discussed possible promotional/marketing strategies for his LP and my did I have some great ideas, one involving dropping some articles of clothing like D'Angelo in "Unititled (how does it feel)" (haha). He's got a sense of humor on him which sent me leaning over gasping for air. He also does a bit of graphic work and photography, so if you are in the Temple, Tx area hit him up. The funniest thing about the email I recieved was this line here: 19 year old college sophomore, who hates school and would rather be at an art institute, don't we all hate school? well not everybody, but you get the idea :)

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" is the 1st song i leaked from the album its Naruto inspired, i also made the anime music video to go along with the song for those who arent that knowing of the anime series and for those who are fans. "Soul Reaper" is the 2nd leak off my album and its bleach inspired, i also made the video for this song. My album Endless Waltz is anime themed, every aspect of the album was done by me, even the cover art.

download: Shadow Clone Jutsu -CBtv

download: Soul Reaper - CBtv ft. Kid Thuro and Jowin

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