Friday, February 12, 2010

ASR Spring 2010

more photos here.

Feb 3rd and 4th, we hit the San Diego Convention Center for ASR. Down town San Diego was packed like no other, then again it always is when this trade-how hits town. From the a.m. to the a.m. we were either networking or just having a great time, but of course we handled business. To those of you who we've befriended, THANK YOU! We certainly enjoyed your conversation, and if we had a few drinking glasses (just imagine) we'd come together to give cheers to 2010, brand success, and future collabs. We've been to ASR more than once, however, I'd say this season it has improved (since the recession hit). Class and CrossRoads had to be the most attractive, from the well-known brands to the new, photographers, skaters, bloggers, and so much more. This was a place to get connected and make progress, R&R did just that.

photos by Ashley Watkins and Dauché Bates