Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exclusive Listen to "VVS Paradigm Shift"

A few days ago I released "Black Revolver" from PCH and I mentioned his mixtape dropping very soon, what do you know? You get the exclusive listen of "VVS The Paradigm Shift" ! trust me you'll enjoy it. . . Take the time to carefully go through all the tracks. The release will be soon so just keep coming back b/c this is going to be one mixtape you don't want to sleep on !

*good work cuzzo !

Track Listing:

1. Devils&Diadems ft.D-ski
2. The Wind
3. Vibe
4. Players Paradigm
5. Great Xpektashun ft.Makeshift & D-ski
6. Slight Of Hand
7.Le'Bong Invitational
8. How It Feels ft.Makeshift
9. 3Brides
10. Hands Of The Terrible
11. April's Peril
12. Blood Diamond ft.D-ski
13. Au Revoir

<a href="">Devils&amp;Diadems ft.D-ski by Piff PCH</a>