Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What SEX can do for your HEALTH...

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have landed on the topic of SEX and feel that it was necessary to share this article that I have found on askmen.com . I sat for a few hours looking up some things regarding health and fitness, and of course I ended up landing on sex (interesting right?). Let's just say that I am no sex-pert, but let's cut to the chase... You've heard the term sexual healing correct? well it speaks for itself, so there's no real reason I should have to sit here and elaborate. Not encouraging anyone to just grab a partner and go (although that is most likely running in the minds of most of you freak nasties; lol) but Sex actually benefits your health. Sounds great doesn't it? so you ask "How?". According to the article, written by Jasmine Leigh;

-Sex reduces the risk of heart disease

-Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer

-Sex boosts your immune system

-Sex is a pain killer

-Sex reduces depression

Can you believe this? well of course she didn't write a list and didn't go into detail. The article goes into great detail and I advise many of you to take a look. Now you can call this a teaser, but I will most certainly add this to my recommendation list (to you, the reader of course). Please forgive me for cutting you short, however... it will do you some good. So feel free to read the rest of the article by clicking here .

Can't talk about sex without saying these three words; Wrap It Up ! please reduce the statistics and make a more positive impact by telling someone else. Its 2009; let's strive for great health and wealth :)