Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oscar Grant killed by officer (explicit content | video)

I saw a video a little earlier about this story but it wasn't like this one at all... smh, damn man ... & supposedly the officer is on paid leave, that's some bull.


Nellz said...

that is so sad...damn yo

Anonymous said...

i'm truly in SUCH astonishment after watching that...

ill;kinda said...

damn . that is hella sad . I can not stand crooked ass police .

dauche said...

& they caught it on tape.
now if he is still on paid leave after this video, i'll want to jump off a bridge somewhere. he prob tried to "scare" Oscar by pointing his gun or something, knowing your not supposed to pull your gun out for any reason (especially when the person is unarmed) unless you have a valid reason to. what was the reason? there wasn't one. he needs to PAY !

* n i e c e y ♥ said...

omfq this makes me soo sad !
not only is the cop on paid leave
but he is also in ;
protective costody
cuz of death threats .

i think they should just let the ppl kill him & qet it over w|