Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make you say DAAAAAAAAMN (smh|syh)

- A man killed his 2 year old son over $4,000 in child support debt. (more info; here)
- John Travolta's 16-year old son died suddenly out of no where. (more info; here)
- DMX is locked up, lost his home, and all possessions (more info; here)
- Suge Night claims to be holding evidence on 2 pac's murder (more info; here)
-The man who murdered T.I.'s best friend got 66 years in prison (more info; here)
-T-Boz from TLC is loosing her ATL home (more info; here)

Just a few DAMN'S...

oh yeah & this...

-Did she get some work done on her face or something?


Anonymous said...

1. man killed his son over child support debt; so you'd rather spend your life in prison smh.

2. that was soo shocking when I heard about it, so crazy how you feel for their loss r.i.p.

3. DMX wtf happened to dude; just whooomp straight downhill.

4. Ermm like 'I set it up ' is the words I wanna see down with Suge Knight.

5. 66years in prison damn life sentence after another and another.

6. I heard about this before and she said it was a lie // maybe girl was holding out for things to turn around.

and well A.'O'Day just look's like she calmed down her orange tan // ratty tatty weave and tried to fix herself up abit more after nearly going down that pornstar look route.

Taylorgotbeats said...

DAMNNNNNNNN thats alot of news
Aubrey looks better again I dont care if there was work done, I think she looked funny for a min.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Jim Carrey