Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year; lmfao

First post of the New Year & yes I have been lagging. A shame isn't it? I admit ladies and gents, I have been having fun (well somewhat). No, my New Years did not consist of me consuming alcohol (although most of yours did; lol). New Years Eve I went to chuck-e-cheese with my nephew, sister, her friends and their kids, then we went to the park (kill myself) i was cold and tired. Later that night me and my boy chilled until it was time to go to xtine's house with ashley (mizz minnie) and some fam for the count down. When we arrived to xtine's house there was food and drinks everywhere (the food was great); and the music was on point (reggae). The vibe was right (haha). After I kissed my bf at 12, we watched xtine and her friends play beer pong and cup flip (hilarious). After saying our good bye's we headed over to my cousin Piff's house. There were so many drunks over there and it was funny watching these alcoholics. Didn't get home till about 3, went to sleep and slept great.

New Years Day;
My bf and I met up with my friend Starr at 24 hour fitness to get a workout in and hoop for a bit (which was fun), there I met a guy that was trying to recruit me into the services (I'm not fond of placing myself there). Anyway, later on I booked my cousin a show at the mall (he rocked it btw). Me and my bf went on this party bus for his boy Tim's birthday so we cruised around SD and they popped bottles as I sipped on some orange soda and watch everyone wild out. There were confrontations, fights, and vomiting going on this entire night (interesting).

It's my mom's birthday, and I ended up taking care of my bf this morning (he drank last night) and was actin crazy & some more... just out of control. I hope my night goes good tonight, I'm going to dave and busters with some friends and fam.

enough talking... have a good night...


Anonymous said...

Happy B Day to mama!!!!:)

Well, I'm glad yo ass had fun!!!!:)

JuJu said...

glad you had a good one!

dauche said...