Saturday, January 3, 2009

Get to know me a bit more; random ...

random order
01. middle name; nicole.
02. favorite color; red (black is my favorite color to wear).
03. favorite sport; basketball (i got game; no lie).
04. favorite video game(s); street fighter, super mario, tony hawk pro skate, any shooting, sports, or fighting games.
05. favorite drink at the moment; berry blast and tropical punch minute maid (juice).
06. tattoo's & location; 2 on my right wrist and 1 going up my right side. soon to be 4.
07. last two movies i've paid to see; yes man and seven pounds (both good).
08. what i had for dinner; subway $5 footlong (hold the onions; hate them).
09. what kind of car i drive; 99 mercury cougar (blk).
10. college major; business marketing.
11. birthday; january 26 (aquarius).
12. bad habit(s); procrastination (improving) and too hard on myself.
13. current mood; sleepy (eyes are burning).
14. music; hip hop, r&b, pop, gospel, neo-soul, alternative, old school, rock, metal, classical... any worth listening too.
15. favorite shoes to rock; blk & wht panda dunks, gold blk & blue blazers, jordan 12's, grey vans, and jordan or nike sandals.
16. what i wear when i don't care; basketball shorts, high socks, hoodie, tee, and nike sandals.
17. what i usually wear; jeans, tee-shirt or fitted shirt, with sneaks.
18. two of my new years resolutions; stay in the gym, get a job (thanks to the economy).
19. what i read; blog's (who doesn't these days) and dime magazine.
20. last 2 concerts attended; wu-tang clan and anthony hamilton.
21. last book read; the complete idiot's guide to meeting and event coordinating (2nd edition).
22. last cartoon watched; recess
23. last trip; houston, texas (spring 08)
24. favorite concert attended; n*e*r*d, nas kweli & jay electronica.
25. favorite ice cream; rocky road and strawberry
26. my heroes; grandparents (rip), todd doxey (rip), Mom dukes.
27. current cellular device; blk G1 (love it).
28. water; dasani, aquafina, arrowhead, fuji.
29. favorite dish; mashed potatoes or baked, steak with a1 sauce, broccoli, and a dinner roll.
30. favorite dessert; banana pudding.


Taylorgotbeats said...

you tight for tony hawk pro skater haha

Yves said...

I just started listening to Jay electronica, He's sick.

Anonymous said...

thhats my intended major !!! =]

dauche said...

loved tony hawk pro skater; i used to play everyday on my playstation. lmfao.

jay electronica is super dope live.

& maan idk; i may change my maj... its killing me...