Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does anyone remember this movie?

A Bronx Tale


*btw; calogero (lillo brancato jr) was sentenced to 10 years recently. read the story; here


briit said...

nah not at all. looks mad old. but now you got me wantin to look it up. lol

Daniel said...

Yea, Instant classic! I remember seeing "C" on the news. I think they were charging his ass for murder or something like that. Pretty crazy, this movies sick though.


dauche said...

you've got to catch it britt; its basically your "romeo and juliet"; except of course you have your italians and you blacks. the whole love/crime story. i love it.

dauche said...

sure is a classic daniel; & yes he got 10 years; smh.
all i have to say is DAMN !

JOFre$h said...

Taral Hicks mad young in that movie lol
No lie I was thinking about this day because I was thinking about when sonny told c f the yankee see if joe d would pay his bills...I need to pick this up on dvd a definite classic

dauche said...

haha !
yes; its a classic.
& i surely need to pick this up on dvd myself.
it hasn't played on usa in a long time.
i miss it.

Lu Schwagg said...

One of my favs for 10...yeah drugs had 'ol boy tripn'...10yrs?...the judge must of loved Bronx Tale or hella peeps wrote letters...cuz ummm...if that was the homie from "Fresh" or "The Wood"..he would be under the jail!!!

Yves said...

I love that movie, definitely in my top 50.

SICKNESS said...

Who doesn't know about this movie and "c" bunch of newbs.


dauche said...

classic classic classic; everyone must see it !

& cuzzo; under the jail? i agree with you.