Saturday, January 10, 2009

14 tips to enhance your oral expertise...

Yes; I know this has got to be a crazy topic but ladies let's be honest, if a guy is going to (ahem) go down in that particular area, wouldn't you want him to know what the hell he is doing? well I ran into this article on and I had to post it. This article was written by a man (Chris Ford), so fellas don't be ashamed to admit. Here are 14 tips that will have the ladies asking for more (lmfao);

1- Start slow
2- Warm her up
3- Don't dive in
4- Wait for the clitoris
5- Lick the alphabet
6- Suck it up
7- Listen for her reaction
8- Hum
9- Grab hold
10- Get your whole face into it
11- Use your fingers
12- Maintain eye contact
13- Know when to continue
14- Know when to stop

Chris Ford goes into further detail, which will of course keep your eyes glued the the computer screen...
read the rest of the article; here