Friday, December 5, 2008

Wu-Tang concert tomorrow;

It's like this, I have a ticket to go see Wu-Tang tomorrow and I am really debating whether I should go or not. When I wake up (which of course I am not sleep yet or I wouldn't be writing would I?) I am up for class for 50 minutes, then I do my routine of an hour or two in the school library to complete some reading (in the textbook i passed on buying). I then will return to my home and rest for an hour or two and hit work for a few hours. Cash my check (super excited; I worked mad hours) then of course get a full tank of gas with $25 (isn't that lovely?). Here goes the fun... Straight after work I have a basketball game to attend, a Guest-list to send, a shower to take, my hair to do, the concert, an event in the midst of the concert (at belo night club), sleep, and then work at 10 a.m. the next morning. I don't know, I mean I honestly asked myself (why are you even blogging about this?) and realized no one really cares. haha; fk; it ! I'm going to go do ALL of it. what a busy day ! UGH !


Anonymous said...

wow you got one busy ass day ahead foreal lOlz. Busy but jam-packed with fun in some parts LOL. Have fun at the concret.


dauche said...

lol kill myself right?