Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some may ask; WHO is Eartha Kitt?

I've seen plenty of post about Eartha Kitt recently (not sure if you have) because of her death at 81 on christmas day, and I am pretty sure there are some who try to figure out where you have seen or heard of her. So, I took it upon myself to place little reminders in the sweet little heads of yours (lmfao)... I am not going to write a bio or anything, I am just going to list some things & make you say "oooooooooohh ! ok!" haha... so let's go. (oh yeah; i am not going to put everything, its just too much. her resume is crazy. I mean she has been around for a while... so i'll put most of the things that are around our time)...

- She created the song "Santa Baby" (a song EVERYONE has heard; if not click here you lame)
*had to state a fact real quick; lmfao
- She played on "Earnest scared stupid" (1991) as old lady hackmore
* do you remember the EARNEST movies? i know i do... lmfao
- She played on "Boomerang" (1992) as Lady Eloise (the freaky old lady; haha)
* other actors involved; eddie murphy, halle berry, robin givens, martin lawrence, david alan grier, tisha campbell... & more
- She was the voice of Keesha's grandma on "The Magic School Bus" (1995) 1 ep.
*Loved this show; watched every episode.
-She played on "New York Undercover" (1995) as Mrs. Stubbs; 1 ep
* I am trying to remember this episode... I do see a visual... lmfao
- She played jacqueline Richards on "Living Single" (1995) 1 ep
*watched that show faithfully
- You can't forget about "Harriet the Spy" (1996) as Agatha K. Plummer
*watched this movie every other day... lol ... rented it on blockbuster like 20 times...
- OMG "The Wild Thornberrys" (1998) as Lioness #1 ; 1 ep
*i miss this show...
- She was the voice of Bagheera the Panther on "The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story" (1998)
- She played on "The Famous Jett Jackson" (1999) as Albertine Whethers; 1 ep
*where is Jett Jackson?
- She was the voice of Yzma on "The Emperor's New Groove" (2000)
*the old creepy evil lady ; & also there were several Emperor's New Groove's... too many to name...
-She was Madame Zeroni on "Holes" (2003)
- She was Queen Vexas on "My Life as a Teenage Robot" (2003); 1 ep
* i didn't watch this cartoon much... but i ran across it a few times...
- She was the voice of the Fortune Teller on "American Dad!" (2007); 1 ep

A great singer & actress who mastered the arts, she served her times on the broadway stage and gave everyone a show to remember...

if you still don't remember her... GOOGLE her...

rest in peace Eartha Kitt


PORCHE ` said...

OMG !! Thank you.. I remember her now !

dauche said...

lol :) your welcome.
i had to do some research because it was
bugging the hell out of me. i mean i remembered her
but i need to know what else she played on...