Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bun B x The Hundreds

This is new; I ran across The Hundreds collaborating once again, this time with BUN B . If you don't know who Bun B is, there is a problem. The Hundreds is doing very well these days; they have a good customer base.

Not to sure how I fully feel about this design just yet; give me a couple minutes to adjust.

The tee will be available on Dec 27th on Premium Goods (which has exceeded its bandwith; in other words the site is trippin).

you can read more about this tee; here


Yves said...

Ehhhhh. Dont like it.

dauché said...

lol; its aiight.
they could have spent more time on it.
I mean honestly (tens; their female brand) is wacc too...

Lu Schwagg said...

HUNDREDS IS OVERRATED...HELLA OVERRATED...X-LARGE Disney collab is more buttery too...i only like the RSWD hats aside of that..i dont get it...but i dont get kid cudi either..wudoiknow?!? oh yeah and that bullshyt bomb man is the same one from mario bros. but widda fricken fuse on it...WACK BUTTERY

dauché said...

lol' CDLC CDLC !!!!!