Saturday, December 27, 2008


-Gym Time [24]
a little bit of everything...

stare at the sky
play in the sand
quick up some salt water

shoes (possibly)
clothes (maybe)

blow dry

that's all for now...
oh yeah & blog... lmfao


mizsoul said...

That´s great. I tried to do some exercise too but i´m tooooo lazy!I only did it for three days and that´s

JOFre$h said...

wish I could go to the beach it's cold as shit in NYC right now...good luck with your agenda

JuJu said...

when we gonna hit up 24 together?? i did a kickboxing class yesterday too.. my axx is hella sore today! haha. and dang.. beach does sound good today.. humm..

A.R. said...

shit, i need to hit the gym.

Anonymous said...

Shit, next time you go to 24, I'm rolling with you....:)

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Kay said...

yeap imma start workin out too

dauche said...

man; the gym was really nice. i felt good after, but of course i have to keep up with it. i will be in the gym 3 times a week +; i just have to discipline myself. & of course eat right. because honestly not eating right will discard your entire workout.

one of my many new years resolutions.

[juju] were hitting the gym together soon. how about this week... for sure ! im free...

but yeah man; sucks because my agenda didn't go accordingly... i usually freestyle but hay i'll try again. hopefully it works again.

super wanted to go to the beach :( missed it.

dauche said...

*i hope it works this time.

JuJu said...

hey love - this week works for me since how we are both currently unemployed lol - lets do it!

and guess what i went to the beach yesterday - haha it was funny after i read ur blog my hgirl called me nd asked me if i wanted to go.. i was like damn u must've been in my thghts! haha.. it was chilly a tad but still beautiful out there!

dauche said...

haha; for sure ! yesss ! work out partners ! lol
& daaaamn i missed the beach :(
but next sunday im on it !