Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Joined the MTV community; + MAN & WIFE !

I was pretty much bored; then for some reason Man & Wife pop'd into my head. As I go to google and type in keywords; man and wife MTV; I clicked and on the website I landed. Watched a few videos, read a few questions asked by people and then decided to join the MTV community. so there I was laughing at episode 38, where SHANDA shows the ladies how to use their "FRUITS AND VEGGIES", interesting. Ladies take notes [wink wink; lmfao]. I love to hear what Fat Man Scoop and Shanda have to say; they keep it real and do not sugar coat [EVER]. I Left you with a video from their official site; NOW <--- click here.

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any questions? lol


BRiTTNY said...

i watch the show all the time but i never seen those episodes hahahahahahai was like WTF IS SHAWNA DOING! lmfao. i almost choked when she ate the cherries..lmfao..rotf.

dauche said...

hahaha yeah shanda is a FREAK; love the show. go look for more of the hidden episodes. fkn funny.