Friday, July 11, 2008

new beggining.

there have been so many times that ive wanted to press the reset button on the life that ive lived. i mean; theres nothing wrong with it; & i am not a scar'd invidual; however there are always things in life we wish we did differently. we dwell on what actually happened & wish that what we had planned would have happened instead. we sit stuck in a place so uncomfortable trying to figure out how to deal & cope with ourselves. well here is the time; the time to breath new air; time to stop looking back & start looking forward. shxt this might have to happen again in the near future & im damn sure that it probrably will. alteast 6 times within the year. haha. anyway so im at a new beginning; & i see a bright future ahead. confidence is needed. "JUST DO iT" is what i live by from now on; no doubts is what i keep telling myself; shxt i can be the best at what i do. & i plan on it. i continue on this journey to a new begging im asking for strength motivation confindence & patients. wheeh because cant go anywhere without those elements or what have you. i can feel alot of good coming my way. so let me say thank you now & just get it out of the way. i shall breath easy & work hard.