Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Recommendation: Away We Go (2009)

From the beginning to end, I laughed. There were two or three scenes that were serious enough to make you mist up, but majority of the movie, you'll crack up (at-least I was). I've been in search of new comedies for the past couple of weeks, not wanting to repeat what I've already seen. This was definitely a GOOD movie, wondering where I was when it dropped in 2009. I did a little research on Maya Rudolph (SNL), she's the daughter of Minnie Ripperton (soul singer) and Stan Rudolph (song writer and producer; he directed "Sanford and Son") Now if that isn't dope, I don't know what is. John Kransinski is hilarious, I've seen him on The Office and Its Complicated. If you like comedies, this is the movie for you, well in my opinion. 98 minutes of great laughs and great acting. The soundtrack sounds pretty good as well, gives off that Garden State type of vibe and I've been on that since high school.