Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Morning ! 04112010

It is currently 2:56 a.m. -- surprisingly I am very awake, thoughts are roaming in every and whichever way imaginable, if that even makes sense, but if not 'all over the place' can be its replacement. Something I am consistently in deep thought about is my future, can't say that I am fully prepared, but who really is? Still in school of course, which by all means irks me. Honestly, I haven't been the student I've "dreamt" of being since... who knows? If I had the choice, I'd rewind my life back to my freshmen year in high school and then work my way back up, the places I would be (*imagining). Since I cannot rewind time, no time-machine here, I'll just settle for making a better future. There is a lot going on in my life, on top of trying to figure some things out but I don't feel like getting into major details right now, think it will be a snore so I'd rather not punish my readers.

Quick update on myself; FIRST - schools kicking my ass, my teachers all decided that after spring break they'd dump midterms and tests on us at damn near the same time. Yes, I have plenty of course syllabi, however, some of my profs have fallen behind. Guess I'd better suck it up and get-er-done. SECOND - I've got tons of photos and footage from events I've gone to (Dom's listening party, Paid Dues, 'And Still's' Murs listening, beach days, and complete randomness) that I've yet to release. Problem? I need photoshop. Solution? Getting photoshop soon ! THIRD - There are more shows and events coming up and being a part of A07 Entertainment and Media it is my job to inform, prepare, and execute. Spring Splash at UCR is on the 24th with headlining artist NAS and MURS, then there's our interview with one of streetwears boundary free clothing lines, that I wish not to disclose until the deal is sealed.FOURTH - I've been managing a photographer/graphic designer for a few weeks, she's a friend of mine, everything is going well. I've never managed but its a great experience. We are currently in our development stage, going over strategies, brainstorming, and trying to stay in sync with one another. So far so good. FIFTH - I just finished subbing at a site (I'm an activity leader for an after school program) and enjoyed it, however, this week coming up I'm off and plan on getting a lot accomplished whether it be homework (#1) then everything else after, which will include more posts and beach visits.

maybe that wasn't so quick. . .

I'm in a good place right now, not where I completely would like to be but its a step.

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