Sunday, April 4, 2010

"The Days Long" - @RealJWallace of Brother Nature

"This song is a Leak from my mixedtape called The Laundry Room. It's about being trapped in the cycle of time. "I sit in contemplation and doubt the existence of arrows" and along the way come to the conclusion that time is like the woman I can never have. This beat is from Blu's (Godlee Barnes) HerFavoriteColor mixtape and the rest of The Laundry Room includes me rapping over instrumentals from both Blu's Open LP and his NoSleepForADay. Coming soon - Real J. Wallace "

Download: "The Days Long" produced by Godlee Banres
[UPDATE] Download: "Bitter Vinigger" - Real J. Wallace

Real J. Wallace of Brother Nature

Art by Peligro