Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stand More to Avoid an early Death. . .

So I'm in class and my public speaking professor (who often goes off on tangents) discusses our first speech (informative) that is approaching within the matter of a week or two. She stresses the fact that our topics MUST be unique and original, making sure we refrain from using the "how to use a condom" ordeal (she really said this, best teacher I've had in a while). Then she goes to make an example of an "original" topic and lands on this study about standing up and how it helps prevent becoming obese and so on. Guilty as charged I was, this past weekend when it rained like hell, i sat and computed for far too damn long. Wanted to get out the house but you know us Californians are spoiled and when it rains we don't know how to act. Rain to us is what kryptonite is to Superman, a no-go. Well, I'm not that bad but ANYWAY, back on topic. This study I couldn't pass up, so tonight I decided to do some research to find the most recent article, and what do you know? The New York Times (opinionator) came up, Feb 23,2010 is where I clicked. Feel free to read here. Looks like i'll be making more of an effort to stand. At the beginning of this year I admit I was one that thought I'd be able to add the gym 3-4 times a week on my resolution schedule (*side eye) the ultimate fail, hell, but now I figure if I stand more that can cancel some of my work out time (haha). Let me stop the shenanigans. The article is pretty good, definitely wasn't a snore like most, let's just hope we can pass this on and continue to gain knowledge as well as extend our years here on earth (who wouldn't want that? unless of course we die a slow and painful...eff that!). I encourage you to stand :) I'm standing right now as a matter of fact, so far so good.

Moral of the study, we learn something new everyday so use it to your advantage.
get it? got it? good.