Thursday, March 25, 2010

"From The Westside, With Love" - @DopeitsDom

Thanks to Dom Kennedy my day is now complete. It hasn't been long since I attended the "From The Westside, With Love" listening party with the A07 fam, but since then, I've been itching for this project. From the Beginning to the end, this project is going to get some good rotation in my whip and everywhere else I go. This morning #FromTheWestsideWithLove was a trending topic on twitter which moved the time for release an hour ahead, even though I wasn't able to grab it till now (since I had to work, get money! lol). Enjoy !

download: "From The Westside, With Love" - Dom Kennedy

[update] Here is something I threw together from the listening:

From The Westside, With Love Listening Party from A07 Entertainment & Media on Vimeo.