Friday, March 12, 2010

DJ Spintelect on VVC Radio

Approximately eight minutes before Go-time, Spin hit me up with a text asking me to tune into VVC Radio where he was going to be mixing live. Never had I even heard of VVC Radio, so you know I had to log on a little early and explore the site to figure out who else I was listening to, even though I never figured it out via-web. Dj Strong was a special guest I believe and Dj Lockone did his thing on the one's and two's as well. Let me just say that Spin killed it, he played some tracks that had me up singing along and dancing, let me give you few examples:

"Summer Time" - The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) & DJ Jazzy Jeff
"What's My Name" - Snoop Dogg
"Mary Jane" - Rick James

&much MUCH more. . .
those tracks just brought me back, good times.

Good Work Fam !

follow him: @SpinTELECT