Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chocolate therapy

Guilty pleasures make me smile.

I've been in the house all day (LAME) and since my car is acting 'brand new' (not literally) I am stuck, unless of course someone wanted to come pay me a visit while also exiting these premises. The word bored is definitely an understatement, all I wanted to do was get out of the house and explore this beautiful green earth outside of the vicinity of my neighborhood.

As time continued to pass, I remembered that I had some Ferrero Rocher's (in which I pronounce in a bougie manner) on my dresser, putting a big smile on my face. I love chocolate, SURPRISE! (well not really). Taking a bite is like therapy for the soul (silly I know) but the truth is, I forgot about exiting the house. I am now interested in staying inside tonight, eating dinner with my mom and enjoying a movie or two.

enjoy your night(s) whether it is with a group of friends, family, or alone :)

*fun fact: the same makers of Ferror Rocher is the maker of Tic Tac
more info on the company & product(s) here.


bunny said...

Yumm.. thats me and my son's fav..
chocolate is therapy(sometimes) it makes you forget about worries for that moment, until you have indulged too much and just feel fat, from eating all that chocolate..ha ha

dauché said...

ROTF, true story.