Monday, January 18, 2010

CAN'T Clothing

thanks for the tee MA$
lv, nv

The Pakalolo Joint aka The Chronic

I recently received a tee from CAN'T clothing (thank you) & definitely appreciate it. Although I am not a smoker (hold the ganja) I absolutely am a fan of The Chronic album :) a West Coast classic. What's funny is how I got linked with the line. Summer '09 my company and I had the pleasure of covering The Clipse & Cool Kids show, we also had the opportunity to interview the Cool KIds (read here). After posting a photo from the interview on twitter, I got a response within seconds regarding Chuck (1/2 of the Cool Kids) rockin' a tee from the brand (CAN'T) which you can see below (& the brand i work with R&R).


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more pics from that night here.