Saturday, December 26, 2009

the Camp out. . .

Wednesday December 23rd will be a day to be remembered, not because I waited in line for some damn shoes (which i am quite fond of) but because of the 'characters' i was lined up with. I got a call around 12 a.m. from a good friend urging me to come to parkway mall (el cajon, ca) which was approximately 30 minutes away, saying there was barely anyone in line and that security was being considerate allowing campers to be inside (which hardly happens). Upon arrival I was shocked, there had only been 7 people in line, none of us wore the same size so my 7 and I were good. I met everyone then took my place on the woodgrain tiles. I had been warned in advance through text that there was an ex-inmate in the vicinity (i chuckled) that had been talking away, as soon as I got there I shook his hand and there he went. He spoke about how he was naturally high and how others diagnosed him as bipolar, then there was the discussion about his brother not allowing him to stay at his house (with his family) even though he had hit rock bottom. Then there was the portion of him singing Tech 9. Of course I kept conversation because I don't like to keep people hanging, but then he just wouldn't stop so I moved around a bit having sidebar conversations w/o being rude, other than that the night ran smooth. As the line started to multiply and time started to decrease we all started to get a bit delusional, laughing our asses off at jokes that were halfway funny. Twitter definitely kept us company, we came up with trending topics such as '#getthefxckoutofthespacejamlineif', '#howdareyou', & '#becauseofthespacejams' to kill time. It was jokes all night. One for the books.


Kendall G. said...

Yea I remember December 23rd bein one of the toughest days of my life. I wanted a pair but I was selling them instead cuz Footlocker called me in that morning. Talk about bad luck. But anyway the blog is cool. Check out mine at
I'm following you.

dauché said...

thank you :)