Monday, November 30, 2009

random photographs; 11/30

Randomly decided to take a few photos around the house with the digital cam. It's funny b/c I never really gave this camera (polaroid i634) a chance until a day ago, as far as taking decent photographs goes. I messed with the settings and ended up with some photos I like. I've honestly wanted to step into the photography realm for a while, but never took that extra step. It's been on my mind tough lately, so as I pick up this polaroid it brings a smile to my face. Not wanting to please anyone but myself. I look at it being a hobby and something I'd do for the love of it, but at the same time I could see myself wanting to explore the world of photography and soak in all information that is reachable. I'll have my very first Nikon/Cannon in my hand soon, just feeling them out. Trust, when that camera is in my hand I plan to inspire.