Monday, October 26, 2009

"Quitters Never Lose" - Franco Shade

"Fear"- Drake is in rotation at the moment, love this track.
I often find myself alone with my thoughts and I have yet to get comfortable. Honestly, staying busy/productive will be the only way that I stay sane in this world. They say you know yourself more than anything and anyone, have you thought otherwise? had doubts? it's all a part of life. . . My shirt above (Franco Shade) reads "Quitters Never Lose", what is your interpretation of this quote? It has gone from a 18 letter sentence to something complex, so complex it is hard to express. Something like weights holding you down, FEAR to move forward, to take risks. I'm looking too deep into this, it could be simple but i'll let this thought ride out. Much on my mental lately but the truth is moving forward is key, I can sit with my thoughts all day and feel unaccomplished (not ok). Do you have control over YOURSELF? self-discipline? this is something I am struggling with. I'll continue to ask for strength, guidance, and knowledge on this journey. . . as we all should, this is just the beginning.

*fyi: Franco Shade has come to the end of their journey (read here), a brand standing on 7 years of hard work to come to an end in such a short amount of time, damn. Good luck to you frsh.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Life is full of fears and to deal with them sometimes seems so impossible.

dauché said...

most definitely.
we will all overcome our fears,
one day :)