Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Popular Demand" - Clipse ft. Cam'ron

download; "Popular Demand" - Clipse ft. Pharrell & Cam'ron

*Till The Casket Drops is set to release on Dec 8, 2009 [track list below]
1. "Speak of Freedom" The Hitmen
2. "Popular Demand (Popeye's)" (feat. Cam'ron, Pharrell) The Neptunes
3. "Kinda Like a Big Deal" (feat. Kanye West) DJ Khalil 3:26
4. "Showin' Out" (feat. Drake) The Neptunes
5. "I'm Good" (feat. Pharrell) The Neptunes 4:22
6. "There Was a Murder" DJ Khalil
7. "Door Man" The Neptunes
8. "Never Will It Stop" (feat. Ab Liva) The Hitmen
9. "All Eyes on Me" (feat. Pharrell, Keri Hilson) The Neptunes
10. "Counseling" The Neptunes
11. "Champion" The Neptunes
12. "Follow in My Footsteps" (feat. Pharrell, Kenna) DJ Khalil
13. "Life Change" The Neptunes
14. "I'm Good" (remix) (feat. Rick Ross) The Neptunes