Saturday, October 24, 2009

Get LAID ;)

A few months back I was introduced to and one thing that caught my eye (besides that good read of a blog) was Shannon T. Boodram's book "LAID" (which hit bookstores all over zee vworld at the beginning of this month; oct 1st). Yes, Laid is definitely about what you are assuming it to be and some. . .
About Laid:

"Laid is a non-fiction anthology that takes a peer mediation approach to sexual education. Youth ages 18-25 across North America were asked to share a life changing sexual experience they went through in their teens. Contributors were asked to share their stories as though they were telling it to a best friend, lecturing was prohibited. As a result, Laid is not your typical sexual education book. It’s raw, honest, steamy, scary, inspiring and eye opening stories."

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Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

oh my goodness I think I love you! Thank you, this is incredibly flattering and all around just wonderful. E-mail me please I have so many questions for you on your feedback!
Shannon T. Boodram

dauché said...

:) wow i'm super late on this, its already january & i haven't email you. argh ! let me get to it !