Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Morning ! [update; brief blurb]

Now is the time for me to stop making excuses to why I haven't blogged in forever, seriously did The Blurbs die? No No No, I am just on a brief (probably an understatement) hiatus. Now, honestly I have been busy with getting back into school and doing many other things, which also involves me working and blogging for . . . we've been covering events and interviewing locals, well know artists and Dj's . . . which we plan on expanding on. Everything is going well. As far as The Blurbs goes, I was planning on coming back with a big bang and a partner in mind :) we'd make a nice blog together but there will be no name change :) I've gotten alot of love lately and I think it's crazy (I appreciate it all & love the hell out of my readers) because I haven't really blogged blogged, just threw some stuff up to keep a little action going. But like I said, the big BANG is on it's way . . . definitely planning now. I just hope that all my readers will want to come back since I've neglected you for so long :( most of my fellow blogger friends stay updated with me through twitter (@dauche) so for the most part, we stay connect in a sense. Well ladies and gents, I need to finish this breakfast and take my axx to school and get that good ole' education ! Make sure to stop, Dangerously Beautiful, Rich&Rude, as well as Overload skateshop . . .

p.s. I am creating a separate email for The Blurbs and will keep you updated on when that happens (later on today) . . . so feel free to send music, fashion, or whatever you'd like . . . i will hit you back as soon as I receive the email and let you know what's up !
[edit] *email


Max Gibson said...

No worries,

The Blurbs will never die. Keep up the great work, and continue to inspire those around you. There is nothing we can't do, only things we haven't tried yet.

Max Gibson

dauché said...