Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NIKE --SB dunk low "Ron Burgundy" x "Un-Hemp"

"Ron Burgundy"


via; nicekicks.com

--Lately I've seen many fall out of love with the recent color-ways Nike has brought to the table, In all it comes down to picking & choosing what you like as well as seeing what you dislike and keeping it moving. I'd honestly like to get the opinion of my readers, however, with nicekicks.com I can't seem to resist reading what people are thinking on the comment section. Trust me, on nicekicks.com people give their opinions like you paid them. Although there are harsh critics who do not mind giving brands a kick in the shin, there are still those who give an opinion based on both perspectives (constructive criticism). So you tell me, what do you think about the color-ways above? & explain.