Monday, July 6, 2009

"BUMP" -- Trish

Trish - Bump from Trish on Vimeo.

--This song is pretty catchy which i'm sure will do good for the radio (not talking shxt; stating facts lol). Being my first time hearing of course I am at the introduction of her career and what her image is made out to be, but I tell myself HALT on the judgement of her character, lol. I want to hear something else, let's take a step further... so I run into this video below :

Jester Presents: Trish feat JDiggz & Oh! - "Don't Watch Me" (clean) from Trish on Vimeo.

She gives me that t-boz/kelis vibe for some reason and when she starts singing I sit still trying to figure her out. Well, let's just say that Canada is certainly putting themselves on the map of music take overs this year, I mean after Drake came on the scene the exposure of Canadian artists has been on the rise. The only other Canadian artist that I can think of is Keisha Chante, and I haven't heard much from her lately (maybe it's just me). Reading Trish's bio definitely opened my eyes and I do respect her as an artist, she's been working hard and for her to finally get her chance (as every artist should) I just want to point out that I hope this isn't the last time I see her. Well Ladies and Gents, I won't keep you ... I hope your even more curious about her after this post...

BTW; TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK !!! (honesty is the best policy; lol)

check out her; myspace profile

*UPDATE; so after I posted this I ran into one of Keisha Chante's new song's so feel free to download...
Download; "Take that shxt off" -- Keisha Chante

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