Monday, June 22, 2009


--Over the weekend (my trip to AZ) i had the pleasure to meet "SLIM", Dearly Departed's own through Sean Lyles. I read about Dearly Departed a week ago through another bloggers post and was quite eager to find out more about it. It was just a coincidence i ran into Eric (Slim) at High Point (scottsdale, AZ). Real cool people at High Point btw; All Love and Respect. Being the first location (High Point) to carry Dearly Departed you must say that this is a major accomplishment for the brand. My hat tips off to you (Eric and Rook), I wish Dearly Departed much success. If you are in the area of Scottsdale, Az go pick up a tee. Something about the brand name and logo (created by Benny Gold) captures me. There's more to come, keep your eyes open :)

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