Friday, June 26, 2009

"A CHANGE GONE COME" -- Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton - "A Change Is Gonna Come" (Live) from Maestro on Vimeo.

--had to post this; i love Anthony Hamilton, especially live.


casa da poesia said...

"sangham saranam gacchami"...for you!

DAUCHÉ said...

"sangham saranam gacchami"
translation to english; "I go to the Sangha for refuge."
Sangha meaning; "association" or "assembly," "company" or "community" with common goal, vision or purpose & also the assembly of all beings possessing some high degree of realization, referred to as the arya-sangha or "noble Sangha".

--had to do some research on that ;)
thank you, i appreciate your comment.
& i love your blog :)

Jasmine Nicole said...

niice, ppl sleep on him.
I love his song "cool."