Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WSHH: Chick Features... thoughts ?

I'm not here to spark any controversy nor am I in a "hating mood", I feel that if people have goals and they reach them that is good for them. There is no such thing as bad feedback, because you can always take the feedback and 360 flip it into something positive (if you thought it was negative). While on I often run into features of females (such as the video above) and many times I just have a -blank stare-. I usually don't have anything to say, however TODAY (built up frustration overtime) I will say "Ladies, PLEASE ! if you are going to make a sexy video can you at-least be original? Do something that separates you from all the other girls. There are too many of you competing for the same fame doing the predictable. It's alright to switch it up and be different sometimes. " Alright enough in quotations ! Let's be real here, you've got to understand yourself and what you are trying to get across, you've got to go above and beyond (not meaning give up your morals and beliefs). But if you want to be the baddest chick then do what it takes to be that. Don't settle just because you think you look good (feeling yourself), get and take some constructive criticism (not from everyone and their mom) and do what you need to do. Represent yourself well ... Think of some other goals for yourself besides becoming every mans fantasy... This year is about change and honestly, showing your "goodies" isn't going to always get you where you want to be.

I am not knocking these chicks; I do not know them personally and have no clue what they do in their spare time. However I know that there has got to be a better way for them to display themselves and just overall a better way to attract their "target market".


Lu Schwagg said...

This commentary is xtra funny because it is Risa...i thought you featured it because it was "her", but I guess u dont know her...she's kew wit all my roomates...i know her sister a bit better...but this is funny cuh we always said she had a long dopey disrespect...and that her body isnt spectacular at all....she's thick tho..depends on wut u like..her sister kills her..but

DAUCHÉ said...

nah i don't know ma like that, seen her here and there. i've seen her sister before, shes a cute girl (all hetero). & yes it does depend on what ones preference. lol