Monday, January 5, 2009

Nike brings back Air Classic BW's


These Nike Air Classic BW's will release sometimes this year (2009) and for some reason I am a bit excited because I have been looking for a fly shoe to run in on the treadmill at 24 hour fitness, since one of my resolutions was to stay in the gym. You'll usually see me rocking Nike's Dunks or Blazers, but (yes there is a but) you will probably see me spending a few Washington's (stripper one's; haha no I am not a stripper) on these lovely color-wayed kicks. These shoes are in deed a classic, released back in the 90's were seen and are still seen as a shoe collectors favorite. Now I am trying to imagine how they would feel on my feet, hopefully they fulfill their purpose as a running shoe, but then again they are a collectors classic.

thanks to; nice kicks


. said...

damn, i miss air maxes, they used to be the best shoes for work... never had bw's but i rocked the lights and the 90's and 95's to work (sigh...)

dauché said...

lol; i need to cop these for sure.