Sunday, January 4, 2009

Current Status;

I am laying down in my bed HACKING (on my macbook; lmfao) kind of watching "Wedding Date", waiting for "Fun with Dick and Jane" to come on. The only reason I am "suffering" is because I attempted to take care of my bf (who had a 102.1 fever) yesterday and here I am on my way down a similar path. I don't get "sick" to often and I am not the type to pop meds; but I must this time around, I can't wait until this is over. I had plans tomorrow and some things that I wanted to get accomplished but It may be delayed depending on how I feel in the morning (screw that I'm going to get my shxt done). I need a new job guys ! I need alot of things these days. It's 2009, time to get on that grind. ha-ha.

This weekend was alright besides this cough sneaking up on me; I saw Seven Pounds for the second time, went on a party bus (watched drunk people go bananas), chilled with the bf, watched sports. A regular weekend, I need more excitement in my life. I also found out that my ent and I will be doing promotion for the up and coming event's I posted not to long ago; Yung Berg (not a fan but its alright) and then we are going to host a party for ASR and AGENDA weekend (a trade-show we will cover) in which I love.

As of now I can no longer type because my head is starting to pound :) and I'm still smiling.

love all of you.