Monday, December 29, 2008

on my way to a funeral in less than an hour...

quite lovely right? no not at all. i will say that this time i go, it will be more of a home going celebration. my relatives great granfather has passed after a time of suffering and today he will be put to rest.

the last time i went to a funeral was for a friends, Todd Doxey (19) << click his name to check my previous blog about him. (keep smilling down on us T.D./rip)

funerals for me in general get pretty sad; but it really depends on how someone passes. the part that gets me about funerals is not necessarily the singing (that's sad too), but the burial when they lower the casket down into the ground, and that's usually the part that gets to everyone.

I generally have a fear that creeps up on me every now and then, i though it was just bee's but... I fear Death. I understand that when you die... you die... ok, but it's how you die that i wonder about. I also wonder what it would be like after death and how others would react to it (my death). Seriously, I have visuals/dreams. I mean I could go living my life scared, but that would be dumb, so I am not the type to let fear get the best of me... I will say this ... I will learn to accept it.

p.s. I'm burying 2008, how about you?


JuJu said...

psh if you only knew! i am burying 08 so deep and far nd never wanna see any of it again ;) here's to the new year; the new me!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way, babes!!!!

2009, HATERS!!!

Kay said...

i`m sorry about ur lost
and being afraid of dying... everyone is...

but yea ummm 2009 is lookin good :D

Anonymous said...

im sorry about your loss
&& i thought i was the only one who thought about that stuff
nice 2 know im not alone!

dauche said...

nope; not alone at all.
i try to avoid death thoughts,
because my mind is very powerful.
my thought process gets so deep it sucks.
so yeaaaaah... lol

but i am working on erasing that fear;
and learning to accept it.