Friday, December 12, 2008


LA Gear Returns With Vintage Styles
(2009 releases)

* I honestly don't know if I can do it; They took it there (way back). After a long-axx hiatus; I wonder if they can even come back strong. We shall see.

NOW people be honest; can you SEE some LA GEARS on your FEET?

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Nellz said...

hmmmm the black and white ones are ok id rock those mostly for a picture..i dont know about wearing it everyday..hehe and i think i only like it bc it favor one of the jordans i have dont member the number...smh

Taylorgotbeats said...

those Silver ones are dope

dauche said...

lol; i mean they arent bad dont get me wrong. i just dont know if i could do it at this point in time. its not a crime, its just not what im into as of now.

Meeze said...

they should've came with something more "simple"

then again there is a million ppl "still" on the 80's baby bull

all they gotta do is get a cool kids co-sign

and they'll be back like they left their car keys



iM.R0Ni said...

NAY. my legs too skinny for high tops lol. or any big shoe. cant even wear forces w.o my feet lookin like clowns so dunks is a must.

-- niecey boo * said...

fck that ! i'd rock em .

dauche said...

haha; true story !
cool kids get on that ; they'll be back in the game.
& i am done with the 80's movement man.
maybe the retro kids will rock these...lmfao

dauche said...

haha; damn can't have the clown joints pop'n off.

dauche said...

niecey; i'm sure you can rock the hell out of these. they aren't bad at all. i mean you'd just have to have fix it up nice...