Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Introducing; YOUNG CYPHER

* I sat down and interviewed my boy Cyph recently and wanted to give you ( the readers ) some new flaava. I've known Cyph for a few years now and he has been nothing but kind, humble, and a good friend. I watched this guy mature over the years and he is one that is really about his business. I respect him as a ball player, an artist, a hustler, and overall as a human being. (Thank you !). So here he is; an upcoming artist ... working hard to get what he wants (like he always does). check out our interview...

Tell Everyone who you are & Where you are from first & foremost, also where you reside. (introduce yourself)
I go by the name of Young Cypher but alot of people know me as Cyph, Im from Greenville,NC been in Diego now for 3 years but just moved to Atlanta to continue on wit my musik career. I just put together my own independent label called Self Made Muzik Group & Im the only artist at the moment. Im signed management with Clockwork Management out of Atlanta Ga & focus right now is to get a label deal thru a major label.
How long have you been doing this thing we call Music?
I been doin musik every since i was 15.
Many artist write from past experiences and things they are experiencing now? Would you happen to be one of those artist? Are there any other artist who have influenced you by telling their experiences?
Yeh I feel that I am. More than anything I try to focus on the present an wat people can relate too at that moment. I grew up wit the influences of Jay-Z, Pac, Biggie, Scarface, & Outkast. Me myself, I make musik for everyone and I try not to leave no one out. At the end of the day, musik is an art & creativity is real important. Alot of songs when I put them together, before I write them I close my eyes, zone out, and paint a picture for my listeners to see so when they listen to me they see the same thing I see.
Name at-least two to three people who have set an influence on your life and you as an artist? and why are they an influence to you?
Uhhhhh! Ill say my family for the simple fact I see they struggle back home an I have one of the biggest talents out of us all that can bring a large amount of income & my family needs that. So they influence me to go even harder not just for myself but for my family as well. Second, I gota say my cousin DJ Terk cuz he was pushin me in high school to get in the studio and give everyone in school what they wanted to hear, so he plays a big part in my influence. Third, Gota say Jay-Z cuz i been listening to him every since Reasonable Doubt an listening to him also influenced me to pick up da pen and pad and do the same thing he did except better. But with that being said at the end of the day you still gota show respect to the best that did it ya know.
Who have you worked/collaborated with? and is there anyone you would like to work/collaborate with that you haven't yet? who?
To be honest, I dont focus too much on features or working with other artist for the simple fact my focus is to get Young Cypher which is myself out there. Thats like sayin if I drop a single right now and its featuring Lil Wayne, people gone listen to me but they main focus gone be Wayne. I rather get my feet in the door an let people hear me first before I try to go collab crazy. But on some real shit, Im on the same level that some of the best are on. Im on a level with Weezy, Kanye, Hov, & TI. I coulda jumped on "Swagger Like Us" an woulda had niggaz like "who da fuck is dat". Ya feel me? An Im just being real my musik speaks for itself. A a&r from Atlantic Records once told me "Your what hip hop is missing right now"...But at the same time Im thinkn like why da fuck I aint gota deal yet then ya know. But I dont want just any deal cuz labels is wrapping niggaz these days an artist dont even see it, they just see money first. I refuse to go that route.
As a (new upcoming) artist what would you say is the most important thing to remember and to always do? I'm speaking on hustle, staying on top of your game, being humble, things in that nature, As a matter of fact what does it mean to really hustle?
You most definitely gota be humble, patient, and on your grind 24/7. In this business you gota be able to go to work off da clock. An when I say that Im talkn as far as when you done doing one thing like say u gota show an you done. Forget sleep, when u leave that club from performing you needa be back in the studio working on new musik. Im in this game cuz I got love for the musik not just because of the money. Hustle is really just a true grind. It takes dedication ya know. If you aint dedicated then what u doin it for? Thats the question. Why you frontin like you grindin an hustling but you really not. You feel me? An hustling dont just mean selling drugs. Niggaz think hustlin and grindin is just sellin drugs but its not.

Let's get to the fun stuff;
Where are all of the places that you have been? and what is one of your favorite spots? Where would you like to go?
I done performed in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Orange County, San Diego, Atlanta, NC, Tenn., Macon, & all my shows I Booked myself before I gota manager. I wanna be able to leave the country an perform. I know its gone take alot of work before Im able to do that I done been around the US already even just visiting. But in order to do so, I still need a few more years and the right kind of musik to target that audience. Kanye West is a good example, he can go anywhere overseas an do his thing. Im not worried bout states here in the US because i know for a fact in the future Ima touch the main cities in each state. Thats how much confidence I have in myself because I go hard for mines.
What would you say is your style? What do you like to wear? shoes, clothes, cologne?
As far as musik i dont feel I have a style, I just got my own swagg on a track. Reason I say that is because Im real versatile i can do a down south track, east coast, mid west, west coast. An I think thats good because Im able to target a large amount of fans who like different styles. I can even do pop. Wat I wear? Antik Jeans, Coogi, True Religions, Air Force Ones, Pradas, Gucci, etc. Try to stay clean at all times ya know. Image is real important.
What other interest and skills do you have besides being an artist?
Basketball. That was the main reason I ended up in Diego. I was recruited to come out here to play JUCO ball at Southwestern and I had to get surgery on my left knee twice so my time off I just grew stronger in music an decided to make it my main focus. Besides b.ball I can draw real well. i have a mind of a entrepenuer I got so many things I wanna branch off an do once I get established like i want.
Do you have any one you'd like to show love to? (shout out) feel free.
Shout out my manager Alicia out there in Atl taking care of business for me, Dauche for lookin out for me on this interview, Underground Railroad Magazine, L Boog Studio, my boy Atl, DDT (Murdock & IB Hollywood), Singer Boy out there in LA. Be on the lookout we gota best of both worlds mixtape coming soon along wit a small tour. Umm my nigga Omar, GA BOI, & if I forgot anyone I gotcha on da next shout out

one more thing;
Tell us why we should stay tuned in on you?
Because Ima give you nothing but good musik back to back. Thats what the people wanna hear and I got it for u.
How can we get up wit you?
I can be contact on myspace at Youtube you can check me out at You can also hit me on my personal aim . also for bookings contact For artist features send musik to Im also looking for promoters and people interested in being apart of my street team so hit me up for that as well.


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