Monday, December 8, 2008

Foul Mouth? Curse like a Sailor?

Apparently I am in need of a change; mom-dukes told me that I had a foul mouth this weekend. I believe its a form of expressions (ha-ha) I honestly do not remember what curse words I used when I was on the phone (which I also think is problem; damn you memory). I then sat down and really thought about how much I curse, its a shame. I usually curse to be funny, and to mean no harm to anyone. I of course control myself when I am around my moms and other "adults" as a sign of respect, but recently I've become too comfortable. I've been cursing since sixth grade (cable does that too you lmfao). One time I remember I stopped for a few years and started back again during my high school years. When it came to college, I was ready for duty at sea (in other words I started cursing like a sailor). Cursing is like brushing my teeth, something I do everyday (interesting that I used brushing my teeth as a similarity; smh). Okay, the main point in me blogging this is THIS, I need to reduce my curse words to a minimum. If you can honestly tell me what I can do or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share your tips on how to stop cursing.

Answer these;
1] Do you have a cursing problem?
2] What words do you use most frequently?
3] When do you use curse words the most?
4] Do you believe that you can stop?
5] Do you even care?


iM.R0Ni said...

1] nope
2] wha the fck
3]wen somethin annoys me
4]yes, but i dnt wanna
5]haha answerd abovd...

dauche said...

haha; @ "NOPE" ... I heard that.

Nina Serafina said...

haha. I'm the exact same way.

dauche said...

lol; we gotta work on it girl !

| Fab D | said... times
fuk,shit,hijo de tu chingada madre! lmfao
5.hell naw
i think its a form ov xpressin urself =]

dauche said...

haha right on. i curse in two languages as well...