Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Count Down Continues...


I want these (not need) BAD & I am over here trying to figure out if I am willing to sacrifice some things for these kicks; believe me I am really over here in a dilemma, especially since the date has changed (from the 26 to the 20th). But hell; I just feel like if I don't get these I am DONE SON ! lmfao. I'd be dumb. & they say $330 ($310 w/o taxes) for some kicks? you DAMN right. Look I am not your avid Jordan collector; but these? I've wanted these since WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back (yes it does go back further than the 14 letters I just typed). Both pair. I am debating whether I should get them or not (knowing I'd kick myself in the axx if I don't). It's that serious. My bf is getting them (avid shoe collector) and he's talking about "they are for display, I am not wearing them" lmfao. Funny, but he's looking to keep them for a few years & of course they will have more value than they do now (true story; if you've ever been to Flight Club on Fairfax you'd understand how ridiculous the prices get). Another thing is; if I decide to "Camp out" (how many of you are actually doing that?) what location am I going to go to... My bf has this connect (in which i cannot disclose) that gives him all the new releases ahead of everyone else; so he'll get his, the thing is... he can only cop 1 pair. So i'm on my own...(some bull right?). Enough chit-chattin... we'll see my decision come saturday morning/afternoon...

How are YOU getting YOUR package?
(I'd love to hear your stories)

p.s. PRAY FOR A SISTAH ! lol
*I believe I'll actually be cop'n the package for $210 ($197 w/o taxes) :) thank God for a size 7 ! haha


JOFre$h said...

I remember in 2001 when the retro's dropped. I was on Jamaica ave bright an early to get them. SMH @ what Jordan Brand Has become,Nothing but fusions and Packages. Support the king ms, Pick up a pair of LBJ 6

Jasmine Nicole said...

I doubt I'll get them on the 20th, but I'm hoping to get them eventually when the money is right,this is the first package I don't want to split ..good luck with getting yours .

Taylorgotbeats said...

there is a place in Ingelwood that gets then a day early I'm probably gonna go there I'm not campin out fuck all that

G-M0N3Y said...

thank God for a size 7?!
well who do i thank for my size
12's!? lol .. smh

Kay said...

i`m gettin them, i work at footlocker so no line for me lmao. i put my size 6 right under my desk in the office ;)

& sucks i cant use my discount.... bleh...w.e lol

let me know if u can get yo shoes or not. maybe i can do somethin for u

Daniel said...

:Sigh: No picking them up Saturday, but I know I will eventually own these.


heartbreak x sound. said...

cop them at to avoid the line =]

dauche said...

GOT EM! it was crazy how most stores were carrying crumbs (with the employees holding theirs; if i was an employee i'd hold mine too). lmfao; seriously i don't camp out, these are the one and only package i'd do that for. did it & it was a success. At first I didn't think I was going to get them because the 4 sizes they had ended up being 3. anywho... i am happy, thats all that matters. now its time to get my grown woman on & buy some hills. lol

dauche said... is a nice site; but of course they charge a bit more than the rest.

all online sites went hay-wire last night; it was bananas.

*there are still gradeschool kicks left on