Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Besides the Spiz-ike's release; Jordan getting re-married?

Shocking news right? want to know what's more shocking? they say he's not making her sign a pre-nup (whispers) JACKPOT ! as my boy cameron has stated. I honestly don't know what to believe at this point, I mean I knew this Cuban chick was his girlfriend (found out 10 seconds ago; lmfao) BUT marriage? Oh hell. lol; now I know many people have somewhat of a problem with this. Peep game... your either against biracial marriage/togetherness or your for pre-nups. We all heard about Jordan's divorce & how a good portion of his dough was snatched; so its like "why would you do it again you dumb but smart man?" lmdao

whether this is a rumor or not; I am not sure. Its floating around quite rapidly.
If this is a rumor; or if it is true.
I mean MJ with a young Tenderonie (which I've heard has a black book of her own; shes's dated Enrique Inglesias)?
ahem, not to sounds mean but ummmm Enrique Inglesia's to MJ? wtf?

is she in it for the $ or what?
I have sooooo many people who believe that, that i have spoken to so far.


Lu Schwagg said...

Jordan aint getn' married...most men who go through long ass marriages, that they cheat through anyway, rarely re-marry...and Juanita already took crazy cake sooo....umm i fricken doubt it. But wudoiknow?!?

dauche said...

haha; cuzzo you a fooool !
& you know what, I agree !
this has got to be a rumor.