Friday, December 12, 2008

Are you feeling these HUARACHE'S?

Nike Huarache Air Force 1 Purple/Black

*I dig the colorway

I Dig these personally; not really an AF fan.

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JuJu said...

ooo i am an AF fan; so i am def diggin em.. i think AF's are def more a back south thang than out here in the West.. but im still hooked!

Anonymous said...

GIRL, I fucks with these!!!!

Strap on and everything!!!:)

dauche said...

haha; i know its a south thang.
i was into forces back in the day
im more on the dunks & blazers.
but these are hot.

dauche said...

lol reggie; the strap on. i used to have white & red high top forces... they were killer with the strap.

mizsoul said...

The purple ones are HOT

dauche said...

i dig them as well; i love the colorway.
for some reason i've been into purple tuff lately.

the MRS. said...

af1 is for the country drug dealers and nelly...
i aint fucked with forces since the 7th grade; i literally only have 3 pairs; one was a gift and the other two was from THE 7TH GRADE!! lol

dauche said...

hahaha @ 7th grade; i think thats the last time i had a pair (or was it 6th?) lmfao. i mean these posted arent bad. however, i just can't do it. but i for damn sure would rock these over some reeboks and LA gears. lol